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Three factors of stagnant Development of Non-woven bags for Environmental Protection

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In the past few years, non-woven fabric bags benefited from the introduction of the "Prohibition of plastic order" by the state, which has achieved rapid development for several years. However, it has

In the past few years, non-woven fabric bags benefited from the introduction of the "Prohibition of plastic order" by the state, which has achieved rapid development for several years. However, it has not long been good. In recent years, the development of non-woven bag bags has encountered a bottleneck. The national "ban on plastic products" effect is also mediocre, and plastic bags are still visible in the market. How many development prospects are there in the non-woven fabric environmental bag? The following is a detailed analysis of the macro economy and the characteristics of the non-woven bags themselves.

Non-woven fabric bags have developed rapidly in recent years. Because of the advantages of non woven cloth bags, non-woven bag products can be applied to all industries for promotion, and the demand for some shopping bags is also very large. But since last year, sales of nonwoven bags have declined, which is due to many reasons.

First, the implementation of the "plastic prohibition order" in China is not complete

In 2008, before the state promulgated the "ban on plastic," we all felt that the country's implementation will be very determined, when non-woven bags were extremely popular. People think that plastic bags will be completely withdrawn from the market. The most suitable alternative is non-woven bags. But after several years, the country's strength is not enough. Plastic bags can also be seen everywhere in the market, some supermarkets and markets in total disregard of national regulations are still using non-conforming plastic bags. Another problem is that no plastic bags are not realistic in these places like the farmers' market. After all, the cost of non - woven bags is relatively unbearable relative to their costs.

Second , the concept of environmental protection of non-woven bags is challenged.

Now some people come out to say that non-woven bags are not green bags, and pollution is more serious than plastic bags. Their reason is that the material of the nonwoven bag is also plastic, and it can cause pollution to the environment, and the non - woven bag is much more plastic than the quantity of the plastic bag. People think they are out of context, the so-called environmental bag not only depends on what the material is and whether it is environmentally friendly, it determines whether the nonwoven bag is environmentally friendly or not environmentally friendly. Any environmental protection product can only be generalized environmental protection, such as plastic bag material itself is not environmental protection, and is disposable. The white garbage produced every year is inestimable. Then, the nonwoven sack is a kind of bag that can be used repeatedly, and the total quantity will be far less than that of plastic bags. Of course, if we use nonwoven bags as disposable, the pollution of nonwoven bags is indeed there. This is mainly determined by our usage habits, which must be guided correctly by the state.

Three, the global economic downturn

In the global economic downturn, foreign demand for nonwoven bags is shrinking. The author interviewed Wu Zong, a well-known non-woven bag factory in Wenzhou, who said that the foreign trade orders for the last two years were poor. The original foreign customers purchase hundreds of thousands of millions of orders, this year, generally only ten thousand or twenty thousand orders.

The main reason for the stagnant development of non woven bag environment bag is the above points, but we can not completely underestimate the prospect of non woven bag, environmental protection handbag or the main force of promotion and packaging of advertising sales promotion products on the market. Therefore, as long as our enterprises adhere to the concept of good products, the prospect of the whole non-woven fabric bag industry is still considerable .

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